Porter Lifted Us to Synthhaze 2.0 Live

Motherporter performance.


Photo: Porter live @ The Echoplex. Fernando de la Huerta (left) and David Velasco (right). Their curly hair made us think that they may be brothers from another mothers…the conspiracy theory continues.

Mexican experimental quintet, Porter, knows how to construct a vanguard soundscape that embraces their ancestral roots in modern context. If you are a fan of psychedelia/chillwave, Porter combines both, but conveys their own hypnotic twist of edgier, starry-eyed vibe. Dose “Palapa”

The five dudefest dropped by The Echoplex (Los Angeles) yesterday for their Moctezuma tour and we saw them live since it fitted our peasant budget. Porter’s live sound is a riveting, buoyant experience that braids the sharpness of experimental rock with the dreamy/mystic-oriented aura of synthwave. Underneath the electro layers, there’s a rich cultural deposit of indigenous roots and existentialism that places past themes in contemporary lens. The high pitch and crooning vocals elevate the compelling mystery that permeates the avant-garde Porterland. We took snaps of our time in Porterland last night, so check ‘em out:


Photo: David serenading Victor Valverde (the right dude, guitar and piano)


Photo: That moment when your scarf matches your beard texture #ScarfBeardWinning


Photo: Aside from synthwave, Porter also pioneers for #NoShave. Especialmente el David y Victor, webones.


Photo: Diego Rangel (synthesizers, bass, programming, WiFi fixer)


Photo: You can also call him Bacter. That’s his man bun’s name.


Photo: Fer plays guitar and perfects the art of mustache


Photo: Mustache close-up


Photo: Juan Pablo Vázquez. Yes, that’s a glitter drum in front of him.


Photo: Annnnd this was our view

Porter’s second album, Moctezuma, came out on August 2014. Porter has more tour dates:

Latin America 2016 tour

3/5 – Sol Buenaventura (Puerto de Veracruz, Mexico)

4/4 – Plaza de Roros (Tlaxcala, Mexico)

4/16 – Pal Norte (Monterrey, Mexico)

4/24 – Vive Latino (Mexico City, Mexico)

5/1 – JRZ Music Fest (Ciudad Juárez, Mexico)

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