Technicolor Fabrics & Siddhartha Teaches Us The Art of Suitcase Swap in “Fuma”

How many Technicolor Fabrics and Siddharthas do you see?

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 7.13.47 PM

Photo: Technicolor Fabrics Facebook. Technicolor Fabrics + Siddhartha = Black Fabrics

After releasing a series of teasers, the Mexican rock quintet, Technicolor Fabrics, finally released their new music video “Fuma” (“Smoke” or “Inhale”) featuring Siddhartha. If upthumping synthrock is your cup of tea, “Fuma” is a showstopper packed densely with processed instrumentation of glittering strings and drum pulses that hit your sweet spot:

“Fuma mi alma y respira” (“Inhale my soul and breathe”) chants Siddhartha in guided meditation fashion, inviting us to join his let-go enlightenment bandwagon. The video follows Siddhartha exchanging suitcases with another Siddharta in a dark house filled with white-caped gals. Among them we see Technicolor Fabrics performing. “Fuma” is from Technicolor Fabrics’ third album Bahía Santigo (Santiago Bay), released on June 2015. Both have some shows coming up.

Technicolor Fabrics’ show date:

2/26 – Tequila Music Grand Fest (Cuauhtémoc, Mexico)

Siddhartha’s show date:

3/18 – Lob Bar & Live Music (Mexicali, Mexico)