M.I.A. Reminisces NFL’s Bitchplosion in “Boom ADD” #Nostalgia

Boom Shakalaka

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Photo: M.I.A. Instagram. Follow @miamatangi

British rapper, M.I.A., just dropped the extended version of one of her previous songs in her Soundcloud titled “Boom ADD” – it’s the full length version of “Boom Skit” taken from her last 2013 album, Matangi. The track is an ode to NFL’s bitchplosion lawsuit from her 2012 Super Bowl performance where she gifted her middle finger alongside Madonna. Before M.I.A.’s beats waltz in, we hear a lawyer politely explaining that NFL is suing her for “damaging their fantastic reputation by flipping the bird” and they want her to “pay for any damages” – both sides reached an agreement in 2014.

While there is no set release date yet, M.I.A.’s upcoming fifth studio album Matahdatah has been garnering much anticipation and hype after she dropped her single “Borders” back in November 2015, which portrays the refugee crisis. Known for her genre hodgepodge of blues, folk, soul, and hip-hop, M.I.A. is also known for addressing social issues and creating awareness with her music. If you are one of those people who know her for her social crusades, you’re double awesome. But if you are like us who know her for “Paper Planes” which you probably discovered while watching Pineapple Express with your stoner roommate don’t be bashful to admit you’re a proud lamestreamer. The boom shakalaka gal hasn’t announced any tour dates yet.