TBT: Fast Times w/ The Academy Is… “About A Girl”

Bringing back teenage hormones from 2008.

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Photo: The Academy Is…: About A Girl [OFFICIAL VIDEO] YouTube

Let’s rewind back to 2008 – you may have been in your pre, mid, or post puberty years where emo/punk rock dominated all your cool playlists and every third person you saw made a comment of Britney’s shaved head. It was also the year when Chicago-based punk band, The Academy Is…, released their music video “About A Girl” where we see the former members re-enact their teenage selves in their old high school. Even the lead hot chick is from the same school.

“About A Girl” is from the group’s third album, Fast Times at Barrington High. Unfortunately they disbanded in 2011, hence becoming The Academy Was… While they reunited for a tour in December of last year, they bid farewell with a final performance at The Observatory North Park in San Diego.