Rock It Raw With 11th Street Kids’ “Electric Lady”

Meet the garage rock’n’rollers from Copenhagen.

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 3.31.37 PM

Photo: 11th Street Kids Facebook. They also take your drink order.

“Garage, surf & rock’n’roll” is how 11th Street Kids describe themselves…well, it’s also all we understand from their Facebook page. Based in Copenhagen, 11th Street Kids is a quintet who assembles feisty strings and spasmic drums that take us into a tumultuous rollercoaster. They recently debuted their video for “Electric Lady” where we see them interact with indigenous people and mess around the snow. Surprisingly, their heavy sound is not difficult to digest and has an addictive component that stems from the stormy beats anchoring the sonorous vocals that serve as your de-stress outlet or vicariously flushes out fuck-offs you wanted to vomit:

“Electric Lady” is from the band’s upcoming album Blue Skies & High Fives, which will be available on May 6. They don’t have any tour dates yet, so meanwhile memorize the band members’ names: Lars Rock, Nik W., Klærke, Anders Riis, and Niels Troest. Follow the five dudefest on Facebook and Instagram.