Wrap Your Ears With Nightjacket’s Dreamy Zephyr

Dusky dreampop suspended in shoegaze ether.

Screen Shot 2016-03-05 at 10.29.04 AM

Photo: Nightjacket Facebook

Los Angeles-based quintet, Nightjacket, captures sonically that drunkvana momentum when you’re watching the sunrise by the beach and feel the woozy effect of the dawn. We’re guessing that if you are endowed with the name Holland Belle, then you can’t help but produce posh, oozing vocals that take us into an emotional merry-go-round of romance and heart-wrenching rides. Check out their video “The Right Way To Fall”:

We’re 60% sure that the video is taking place in the twilight of Los Angeles (unless all five of them are diurnal people). Aside from Belle, the video depicts other members of the group including Jordan Wiggins (guitar), Louie Schultz (guitar), Steve Lucarelli (bass), and Diego Guerrero (drums). The video came out on September 2015 and is part of their debut EP Eternal Phase, released back in June 2015. In addition to being a chillaxer, there are ear-hooky tracks such as “Sun In Spring” and “Never Gonna Give My Love Away” that emit a motorik persistence towards romance that gives you the zest you need to get through the 101. No tour dates yet so enjoy the whole EP here!