Finnish Poptress Lyel Sends Us Nordic Chills Via “Shadow”

Rising voice of Nordic soundscape.

Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 9.14.17 AM

Photo: Courtesy of Lyel. The songstress in retro shadow.

Helsinki-based synthpoptress, Lyel, has made her advent in the Nordic soundscape – and quite a loud one. The few releases that she’s been putting out there have been received with more demand and praises from big Finnish media like YleX (Finland’s version of BBC). She currently dropped her newest track, “Shadow,” which will be out on March 11 for purchase. Hit play:

Her oohing-aahing choruses feel like starry-eyed chills from Northern European winter, while her thump pulses and teasing keyboard taps take us into the dancing arena. Lyel doesn’t have any upcoming tour dates yet, so keep following her on SoundCloud and Facebook.