Nonkeen Brings The Sound of Childhood Nostalgia

While we spent our childhood crafting poo-shaped Play Dohs, these three were carving experimental soundscape.

Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 4.42.15 PM

Photo: Julia Soler

Berlin-based trio, Nonkeen, released their debut LP The Gamble via Bandcamp a month ago and is a long-term product of their collaboration tracing back to their childhood years before the Berlin Wall got demolished. Comprised of Nils Frahm, Frederic Gmeiner, and Sebastian Singwald, their experimental sound was recorded using tape machines (hence the buzzy ambience) that contain fragments of their childhood recordings. It invokes nostalgia, especially those never-ending days of having the cartoon on while doing something else – oblivious of time and pressures of responsibility. Enjoy “re:turn!”

Frahm and Gmeiner were school buddies and they met Singwald in 1989 when he came as an exchange student from East Berlin for the sports team. Singwald, like his tech cronies, was interested in music mechanics and soon all three of them started playing/remixing a hodgepodge of folk songs, pop tracks, classics, and many others. So, yeah…while we were making poop-shaped ice cream out of Play Doh, these mini Mozarts were already crafting experimental electronic beauty with cassette tapes.

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Photo: Nonkeen Facebook. While we were trying to figure out whether lego is edible, these three were composing experimental dreamscape…this is it. We want a life do-over.

Their collaboration came to a temporary halt when an onstage accident happened during their teenage years, but they reunited and now they’re out with The Gamble. All the physical forms are sold out already, so if you are a CD/vinyl collector start a #petition. They’re on tour and YES, some of the shows are sold out too #ForeverSoldOut

Europe 2016 tour

4/16-17 – Radialsystem (Berlin, Germany) ***SOLD OUT***

4/18 – Bremen Theater (Copenhagen, Denmark)

4/19 – Paradiso (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

4/20 – Village Underground (London, UK) ***SOLD OUT***

4/21 – Doornroosje (Nijmegen, Netherlands)

4/22 – Muziekodroom (Hasselt, Belgium)

4/23 – Kerk (Ghent, ***SOLD OUT***

4/24-25 – Café de la Danse (Paris, France) ***SOLD OUT***

4/26 – Schüür (Luzern, Switzerland)

4/27 – Teatro dell’Antoniano (Bologna, Italy)

4/28 – Kino Siska (Ljubljana, Slovenia)

5/1 – A38 (Budapest, Hungary)

5/2 – MMC (Bratislava, Slovakia)

5/3 – Palac Akropolis (Prague, Czech Republic)

5/4 – Conne Island (Leipzig, Germany)

5/5 – Laeiszhalle (Hamburg, Germany)