TBT: Blasting Over the Roof With Airwolf’s “Hanging On”

This is your nightclub/gym/office-exit/pool party soundtrack.

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 6.14.51 PM

Photo: Airwolf Facebook

Australian producer/DJ, Airwolf, knows how to re-spark the dance spirit through remixes and produce dance-inducing dupstep originals. Like a lot of undercover nerdy DJs out there, Airwolf started out as a boy geeking out for hours in the virtual world until he encountered Virtual DJ by serendipity. He started mastering the art of DJ and getting gigs at nighclubs before landing on music festivals and expanding his musical footprint (or fingerprint?). Check out “Hanging On” and you’ll get the Airwolf addiction:

Although “Hanging On” is repetitive, it is not irritating and instead the beats become cushioning background noise that fuels your adrenaline. It’s a sonic caffeine boost you need to party or get your shit done. Airwolf documents his travels on his own site, so make sure you check out his photos and hang on to his SoundCloud.