Francisca Valenzuela Takes Us Into Her Cyber Shrine in “Catedral”

Chilean futuristic pop.

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Photo: Francisca Valenzuela – Catedral YouTube

Chilean-based poptress, Francisca Valenzuela, recently shared her video “Catedral” (“Cathedral”) where she transports us into her digital temple. And no, we are not talking about her iPhone, although it’s safe to assume it holds a sacred status in her life as it does for the rest of us. We are talking about a digital dimension where Francisca’s corporeal platform gives us a contemporary display of a person’s identity in the online age:

“Catedral” marches on a semi-uniform midtempo where the harmonica interludes follow Valenzuela’s echoing words “Cuerpo sagrado, aparato perfecto” (“Sacred body, perfect machine”). Piled on tech metaphors, “Catedral” is a hymn for the body to program itself into adapting and learning. Valenzuela acquired the Chilean spotlight back in 2007 with her debut album, Muédete la Lengua (Bite Your Tongue), and since then she has released two more records, “Catedral” is from her third album, Tajo Abierto (Sliced Open), which came out on September 2014. She recently wrapped up her tour.