TBT: Wander in the Syntharena of Disco Ruido’s “Pulso Animal”

Dream in wavelike motion.

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 6.10.06 AM

Photo: Disco Ruido ft. León Larregui – Pulso Animal (Official Video) YouTube

Mexico City electro producers, Disco Ruido, have recently wrapped up tour, joined Snapchat (@discoruido), and their track “Pulso Animal” (“Animal Pulse”) featuring Zoé’s León Larregui charted top five in the best alternative category of Apple’s 2015 Spanish music. Let’s give a throwback toast for suspending us in daydream-kindling bangers that scintillate our imagination with their fuzzy metaphors:

Initially, Larregui’s croons work as sonic veneer to the Rated R desire under the pile of metaphors. Released back in April of last year, the track is from their second LP, Radio Futura, which debuted in 2014. Since airing the video, Disco Ruido have been hitting the stages across Mexico whereas Larregui has taken a band break and pursued a solo trajectory. Disco Ruido sings both in English (check out “Zombies”) and Spanish, so click that magic cost-free arrow: