Explore Argentinian Neopsychedelia Via In Corp Sanctis

Brandishing Argentinian rock since 2013.

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Photo: In Corp Sanctis Facebook. They look like they fathered you, but don’t worry – the band just really likes 60/70s look.

Buenos Aires-based quintet, In Corp Sanctis, has been rejuvenating the rock palette of Argentina by splashing it with their own neopsychedelia fuzz, creating a passageway to fluidly dense euphoric grounds. Their second album, Libres Van (“Free They Go”), was recently released on March 11 and is available for you to enjoy in YouTube:

But buy it so they can tour abroad and we can see them. In Corp Sanctis formed back in 2013 and draw influences from 60/70s rock, emitting a synthesized retro milieu that briefly drifts you into garage rock space before catapulting you into a sea of pop waves. As of now, they have some show dates coming up:

Latin America 2016 tour

3/19 – Detroit Club (Morón, Argentina)

3/26 – Pura Vida Bar (La Plata, Argentina)

4/30 – Niceto Club (Buenos Aire, Argentina)