Electropoptress Bryce Is On the Rise With “Burning Out”

Splurge on new dark synthpop.

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Photo: BRYCE – Burning Out (Official Music Video) YouTube

In the electropop territory, songs either become a hook or fook to your brain and if the latter manages to become an on-repeat parasite, it fooks up your entire day. But if you encounter the former, you’ve hit your day’s jackpop – Bryce is a hook. The Texas pop songstress recently released her dark heart-knocking ballad, “Burning Out,” where we see clips of a relationship in 70s home-video fashion:

At first, the silent opener of “Burning Out” raises your eyebrows, leading you to think that it might be another saccharine-filled, sleep-inducing track. But Bryce doesn’t hover too long in the minimalist melody and fires up in full force with synthplosive choruses. Once she clasps your eardrums with tension, she perpetuates it until the last second of “Burning Out.” Bryce debuted her first EP Prudence back in 2013 and shared on her Facebook page that her next EP was going to be more dancefloor-friendly. She does not have show dates yet, so keep up with her via Facebook.