Massage Your Ears With the Syntherapeutic Sound of Grand Pavilion

Four minutes of elecdorphines.

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 5.40.23 PM

Photo: Grand Pavilion Facebook. Tom Hunt (left) and Stuart McNair (right).

London/Brisbane duo, Grand Pavilion, knows how to stack up their gushy beats and smoky vocals that take you into a deposit of rich rhythms stacked in perfect clusters. Their track “Anywhere” ft. Loretta Angus is a blood-rushing, euphonious communion of two piercingly hushed voices that immediately injects you with chill-drunk endorphins. Hit play and bid adieu to society for four minutes:

Grand Pavilion is the collaboration between Tom Hunt (lead vocals, synth, samples, guitar) and Stuart McNair (drums, percussion, synth, samples). “Anywhere” is from their mini record Foreign Escapes, which they released back in July 7, 2015. As of now they don’t have tour dates listed, so check out their SoundCloud and Spotify.