Let Cellar Doors’ “Frost” Transport You Into 60s Pscyedelia

Hopscotch between two eras.

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Photo: Cellar Doors Facebook

San Francisco trio, Cellar Doors, crafts the sound of a wrong era that feels so right into our ears – its is a cotemporary post-punk that exhibits the dark, underground hue of 60s psychedelia. Wade into the sea of celestial buzziness by hitting “Frost”:

Founded in the beginnings of 2010, Cellar Doors is Sean Fitzsimmons (vocals, guitar & bass), Jason Witz (bass, guitar, keys, & vocals) and Miki Rogulji (percussion & vocals). Cellar Doors released their debut EP The Melody Haunts My Reverie back in September 2011. They recently released their Frost/Prism 7” on February 26, which you can grab here. They have a show coming up:

9/23 – Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia (Liverpool, UK)