Bring Back the Teenage Disco Dream With Lawall’s “Señorita”

Experimental pop brewing in Colima.

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Photo: Lawall Facebook

“Señorita~~~ Vuelve a la vista” chants the cool-kissey voice of Carlos Borja who hits your auditory G spot. Colima-based experimental pop masters, Lawall, does not only make synthpop, but pool-party-worthy kooky synth disco that sounds like the soundtrack of your teenage dream days. Lazying around the pool, crushing on your neighbor, and throwing parties without parental permission seemed endless. Party or re-party those hormones out with Lawall’s latest video “Señorita”:

Comprised of Carlos Borja (vocals, guitar), Oscar Vargas (guitar, chorus), Alberto Herrera (synths, chorus, percussions), Xavier Gómez (bass, chorus), and Enzo Borja (drums, webon que no quiere hacer el chorus), Lawall formed back in 2013. They’ve been crafting pop du jour, but peppering it with their own aberrant twists, creating both a dance-inviting and mind-unwinding auditory space. In 2015 they debuted their first album, Playa de los 90, Vol 1 (The beach from the 90s, Vol 1), which includes “Señorita” and six other tracks. Spotify it below:

Lawall currently has one show date coming up:

4/30 – Artney Festival 2016 (Cuauhtémoc, Mexico)