TBT: The Broken Flowers Project “Días Desierots” ft. David Velasco

Tour the indietronic holographic world of Broken Flowers.

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Photo: The Broken Flowers Project Facebook

Guadalajara-based indietronic duo, The Broken Flowers Project, has been constructing their own synthscape of chromatic sonic layers that washes you with adrenaline-loaded frequency. Get your own goosebumps by hitting one of their oldies “Días Desierots” (“Desert Days”) ft. David Velasco (Porter’s frontman):

Comprised of Fernando Sandoval and César Gudiño, “Días Desierots” was the first single that they dropped from their debut album 1972, which came out in 2014. They will be dropping a new single titled “Envuelve” (“Wrap”) soon, so stay tuned. No tour dates yet.