Hanna Järver “Alabamatröjan” is Your Nocturnal Swedish Synthpop

Alabamatröjan = Alabama Sweater.

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 7.43.08 PM

Photo: Hanna Järver – Alabamatröjan YouTube

We’ve always wondered if there was a difference between Swedish synthpop in Swedish and English – turns out they have peculiar titles, has more edginess, and snazzy gal Hanna Järver. Yesterday our new favorite Swedish dudette released her video “Alabamatröjan” (“Alabama Sweater”) where we see her cavorting around the streets of Sweden at night. It is slightly more electronic than pop with an adrenaline-boosting tempo that makes you want to rush whatever you’re up to – but in a good way. Add it to your playlist of “Night songs that will help me get shit done”:

Järver been climbing up the Swedish charts in Spotify forher collaboration with Julia Spada “Sanning eller lögn” last year. Follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.