Life is a Non-Stop Dancefloor in Midi Matilda’s “Tidal Wave”

Dance the day away.

Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 6.46.20 PM

Photo: Midi Matilda – Tidal Wave YouTube

Indietronic pop duo, Midi Matilda, goes cavorting around everywhere imaginable for their video “Tidal Wave.” The track feels what you would throw into summer beach playlist or even rooftop pool party – it gives you the right amount of dance highs with its electro-swollen tune that keeps its tumid melody from start to finish:

Midi Matilda are Oakland-based pair comprised of Skyler Kilborn and Logan Grimé. They released their first single and video back in December 2011, swiping away much of the press spotlight for their progressive and danceable pop sound. “Tidal Wave” came out on February of this year and the duo is planning to release their new track “Talk About It” on Monday so stay tuned. No tour dates yet.


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