Maria Mena Soundtracked Your Breakup With “Leaving You”

So you won’t have to send 500-word text, but just a 4-minute song.

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 7.37.45 PM

Photo: Maria Mena – Leaving You YouTube

In the Texting Age, breakups are always hard to compose – should you put that sad face emoji? Do grammar rules apply this time? Don’t be the cliché dumper who sends out Costco-sized text bubbles – instead send the dumpee Maria Mena’s “Leaving You.” The Norwegian poptress is a crossbreed between Rachel Yamagata and Cat Power, but with a more melodically rich vibrato. Watch her hair get all-natural, raw, organic wind-blowout in her video “Leaving You”

See? She basically said everything that you needed to say. “Leaving You” is from Mena’s latest album, Growing Pains, which came out on cecember 2015. Mena took over the international spotlight with her hit singles “All This Time” back in 2008. She has two show dates coming up:

6/25 – Wrightegaarden (Langesund, Norway)

10/21 – Sentrum Scene (Oslo, Norway)