Let Matt Gresham’s “Small Voices” Guide You to Synth Soul

Don’t listen to the inner voices, but “Small Voices.”

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 8.39.42 PM

Photo: Matt Gresham Facebook. The official small-voices-in-my-head pose.

Australian singer and surfer aficionado, Matt Gresham, threw us into the electro cascade with his chillaxation-inducing ballad “Small Voices” which hit top 15 in Australian Spotify’s Viral Chart back in early March. But the viral voice didn’t just end there – few weeks afterwards, Gresham shared his music video for “Small Voices” which narrates the story of a young girl yearning for her family:

Gresham stated that “Small Voices is a song about a man in jail missing his daughter, but I’ve also been thinking it could be about someone trapped in a city life who wants to break out and live in the forest.” Gresham will be releasing his EP Small Voices soon and has a show date coming up:

4/9 – Indi Bar (Perth, WA, Australia)