TBT: Rocket Into the Galactic Soul of World Champion’s “Avocado Galaxy”

Calling all you avocado advocates out there – this is your anthem.

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 8.13.05 PM

Photo: Jordan Xinger-Xanger Kirk-Wylde. Xinger-Xanger is the raddest photographer name. EVER.

You can pretty much gourmet up your meals (or charge $2.50 extra) by adding avocados – is it worth paying extra? YES. Sydney-made duo, World Champion, did the same exact revamp, but to a compilation retro clips by pairing it with their track “Avocado Galaxy.” The montage of pre-90s or 90s video snippets are dull on their own, but it is the kooky galactic soul of “Avocado Galaxy” that takes us into a groove-drunk odyssey:

William Campion and Julian Sudek are the duo dudes behind World Champion, who released their self-titled EP back in August last year. You can stream the entire EP in SoundCloud or buy it here. No upcoming tour dates yet.