Shallows’ “Summer Sucks” is Your Official Anti Summer Jam

Oddly enough, you’ll be blasting this during summer nights.

Screen Shot 2016-04-09 at 7.09.00 PM

Photo: Sean Foreman

From a Los Angeles-made band, one would expect sun-kissed summer ballads that sound as high as palm trees – Shallows breaks away from that paradigm with their debut “Summer Sucks.” It’s a breakup song, but does not convey LDR’s grief-phase from “Summertime Sadness” but a fierce let-it-go sentiment that makes it more groove-yolo rather than gloom-solo:

The vocals of Dani Poppitt sounds like the hybrid between Halsey and Lorde, clinking the hit notes, “You gotta learn to let it goooo,” to your eardrums. Although it’s heftily dancefloor pop, “Summer Sucks” has hypnotic chill moments when the percussions pulse up alongside Dani’s ohhhs and ahhhs (hit 0:59), making the track a surreal disco-pop. Aside from Dani, producer/guitarist Marshall Gallagher is the other half of Shallows. After meeting at a house party, they started composing together and released “Summer Sucks” on January of this year. Follow them on SoundCloud and Facebook.