Mashup Monday: Marina & The Diamonds vs. Selena Gomez “Primadonna Forever”

Selena & The Diamonds.

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 7.29.20 AM

Photo: Marina And The Diamonds & Selena Gomez – Primadonna / Forget Forever Mashup YouTube

After Selena Gomez axed “The Scene” from her artistic moniker, we always wondered if she would’ve done the same if her record label had chosen a cooler noun like “The Diamonds.” In case you wonder how Selena & The Diamonds would sound like, Chrispy Mashups came up with the answer by blending Selena Gomez’ “Forget Forever” and Marina & The Diamonds “Primadonna” – it’s a blood-rocketing, hooky combo to alleviate Monday Blues or get you through your workout:

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