Poolside’s Contact High is Your Private Rooftop Party Mixtape

Tapestry of disco and chill beats braided in swooshy pattern.

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 6.50.59 AM

Photo: Ava Berlin

Los Angeles-based “daytime disco” masters, Filip Nikolic and Jeff Paradise or better known as Poolside, recently shared their new mixtape Contact High in SoundCloud – and it’s exactly what all rooftop parties in the next two seasons should sound like. Floating in a sea of synths, Contact High gets its kinetic disco funk from the chromatic combination of clinking percussions, maracas, bird chirps, finger snaps, and choruses in foreign language. Sometimes you feel like you’re throwing a party on top of a penthouse while other times on top of a tree house:

Poolside released its debut LP Pacific Standard Time back in 2012 and has dropped chill dancehall jams, including the famous remix of Neil Young’s “Harvest Moon” which you probably heard in the past five summers. They don’t have any upcoming DJ gigs yet.