Get Towed Into the Chromatic Popzone of Fickle Friends’ “Swim”

Just let them pull you.

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 8.54.11 PM

Photo: Fickle Friends Facebook

Brighton-based indie pop quintet, Fickle Friends, recently released a new version of their single “Swim” (original version was released a year ago) along with a semi-surreal, teasing video where we see a bunch of people dragging someone who seems to have the I-can’t-even face. “Swim” is a summer-ready ballad that fills you with the same dance-friendly, optimistic glow that Echosmith and The1975 radiate:

Formed in 2013, Fickle Friends released their first version of “Swim” back in 2014 and have been engraving their name in the UK pop territory playing in major music festivals. They are more known in Europe than US, so let’s play some catch-up America. Fickle Friends have some show dates coming up in Europe:

4/26 – 100 Club (London, UK)

5/24 – Women of the World Festival (Frankfurt, Germany)

6/11 – Field Day 2016 (London, UK)

7/15-17 – Truck Festival 2016 (Steventon, UK)