Rock Up Your Pace With Sløtface’s “Sponge State”

Time to get your resting Sløtface.

Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 11.08.49 AM

Photo: Sløtface Facebook. Another way to escape censorship is to crop out 30% of your original band name just like this pic. Social media 0 – Aupium 1

Norwegian quartet, Sløtface, have been pounding the pavement of pop/punk rock territory with their contagious teenage-like zeal that invades into your system through the shuddering thumps and rolling strings. Their latest single “Sponge State” is exactly what you need to get out of that “sponge state” (aka couch):

Sløtface was formerly known as Slutface, but because of social media censorship shenanigans (we’ve been there…and it’s not a pretty place :/ ) they had to rename themselves. So like any great creative minds, they took the avant-garde approach and came up with the most deliberate, tedious solution: change the “u” to “ø.” Sløtface started out in 2012 and is now comprised of Haley Shea (vocals,), Lasse Lokøy (bass, we’re betting that he pushed for “ø” instead of “v”), Halvard Skeie Wiencke (drums) and Tor-Arne Vikingstad (guitar). “Sponge State” is from their debut EP Sponge State, which will come out on May 27. They don’t have gigs coming up, but follow them on Facebook and Twitter now that they are not exiled to censorship camp.