Oberhofer’s “Walked To Your Grave” is About Surviving Greetings

Saluting people has never been so easy.

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Photo: Oberhofer Facebook

The awareness of one’s mortality is omnipresent in the alternative rock works of Washington-made songsculptor Oberhofer. His latest track, “Walked To Your Grave,” is another figurative mutual ground where both the living and death coexist. Oberhofer explained that the ballad is “about just being a guy about town and saying ‘hey’ to the people you know, the people you don’t know, the people who like you, and the people who don’t want to like you.” Can you find yourself in the mist of hazy gushes of strings and synth-loaded euphonious eeriness?

Presently New York-based, Brad Oberhofer is the lanky master behind the buzzy meditative rock that alludes a lot to themes of life and belonging. His firsthand experience with mortality traces back years ago when he found his roommate dead from an overdose after coming back from touring his debut record, Time Capsules II. Since the incident, Oberhofer has refined his sound with profound themes of life and personal experiences, which lead to the assembly of his second LP Chronovision, released last October. “Walked To Your Grave” is part of the bonus tracks in Chronovision. Oberhofer has one gig coming up on May:

5/6 – The Grid Music Initiative (New York, NY, USA)