TBT: Innerpartysystem’s “Don’t Stop” Take Us Back to Early Media Junkie Days

You’ve been warned.

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 1.23.11 PM

Photo: Innerpartysystem Facebook

Can you trace back to those pre-screen days when all the gossips originated from TV shows than hashtags? Back in May 2008, a Pennsylvanian electro-rock band named Innerpartysystem dropped their single “Don’t Stop” – which chanted and sarcastically embraced our incessant consumption of media. It seemed like they were mocking about our ever-expanding addiction and semi-warned us about it. Obviously we all ignored that warning BUT blasted the thumped-up rock banger that ended up in various gaming soundtracks:

Unfortunately, Innerpartysystem went on an “indefinite hiatus” (aka disbanded) and the party ended in 2011. However, “Don’t Stop” playing them – cus a reunion is always possible!