Island-Hopping Pop Meets Swedish Disco in Two Year Vacation’s Dresscode: Safari

The sound of sun-kissed Swedish pop.

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Photo: Two Year Vacation Facebook

The self-described “disco/Caribbean kraut” quintet, Two Year Vacation, is the antithesis of Sweden’s chill weather – despite living in one of the happiest and coldest places on earth, they managed to churn out an island-hopping, cabana-friendly EP, Dresscode: Safari, where the guitar glides and xylophone hopscotch you between a hammock and dancefloor. Their EP is available in full so enjoy:

“Love Will Come Back To You” and “Telemark 2000” are the open-armed tracks that foster electropical vibes in the EP whereas “No More” and “Runaway” are introspective ballads that convey the pinch of melancholia we feel watching sundown. If you want to go on a vicarious drive by the coast, Dresscode: Safari offers all the emotional rollercoaster you go through from sunrise to sunset. Make sure you follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

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Photo: Courtesy of VÅRØ Records. When not making music, you can find the five buying clementines at your local market.