House Meets Ethereal Trumpet in Eric Sharp’s “A Little More”

Electro banger seasoned with class.

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 2.58.57 PM

Photo: Courtesy of Mammal Sounds. The man and the stache.

Like his classy stache, Eric Sharp’s new single “A Little More” has stratified layers of sonic depth that reminds us of smoky, retro blues during Spencer Ludwig’s trumpet intermissions and du jour house during the posh vocals of Shandra Dixon. By adding such a timeless orchestral knickknack into his arsenal of house synthphony, Sharp peppers the motorik thumps with zing and gives a fresh electro zephyr that is beyond the drum-base-guitar:

Now based in Los Angeles, Eric Sharp started composing “A Little More” in 2013 and met Spencer Ludwig during a DJ gig, where Ludwig was the trumpet player for Capital Cities. Later, thanks to serendipity, he met Shandra Dixon at a party and paired the soulful upbeat with the exhilarating vocals. It was through a series of coincidence that “A Little More” was born and for the stache master the track “represents the eternal wellspring of hope that is around every corner if we look for it. It celebrates the joy and release that music and dancing can inspire in us all.” You can follow Eric Sharp on Twitter and Facebook.