AJR Parades in Onesie in “I’m Not Famous”

Perks of being not famous: you can PJ to everywhere.

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 9.15.57 AM

Photo: AJR – I’m Not Famous (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) YouTube

AJR’s “I’m Not Famous” looks like a social experiment – how would New Yorkers react if they saw a dude walking around in onesie PJs? Answer: they won’t care. As long as you’re not famous, they’ll assume that you’re homeless or just having a moment. The brother trio from NY just released their video for “I’m Not Famous” where Jack goes cavorting in a cartoonish fashion as the handclaps and keyboard taps stomp alongside his buffoonery. It is a comical indie track that invites you to march with the onesie parade:

“Where my haters? / Where my haters? / I don’t gotta ‘em / I’m not famous, no” chants the three. Adam, Jack, and Ryan or AJR started out in 2006 and are noted for their DIY approach for composing, producing and mixing their work without any outside help. Their single, “I’m Ready,” was released back in 2013 and went Platinum for their eccentric mind-gluing sound. They haven’t announced any tour dates yet.