Bloodboy Adds Edgy Gloss Into the Electropop Equation in “Human Female”

If you are at risk of getting the basic bitch epidemic, this song will snap you out of it.

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 8.19.00 PM

Photo: Bloodboy – Human Female (uncensored) Vimeo

There is a genuine, unpretentious edginess and lyrical depth that you can see in Bloodboy’s “Human Female.” The Los Angeles producer/songstress, debuted her first single and music video where she switches from white to red fashion, allows bugs crawl on her face, and semi-bares it all on the screen. Get the scoop on the unpolished side of glamour:

Rather than settling for clichéd motoric phrases, Bloodboy lacerates the limited lyrical formula by adding her own metaphorical variables and existential narrative. Alongside the hook-heavy syncopated beats, her vocals keep you transfixed in a reflective cloud that we’ve all hit when pondering over taking the-road-not-taken or conforming to society and remaining as basic bitch “Human Female.” Follow Bloodboy on Facebook and Twitter.