Revive Your Youth Spirit With Rooney’s “My Heart Beats 4 U”

Open up your playlist – your spirit animal is back.

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Photo: ROONEY – “My Heart Beats 4 U” (Official Video) YouTube

If you are a Millennial, Rooney’s “I’m Shakin” was your MySpace song that helped you see the lighter side of life during your emo balls-asphyxiating skinny jeans days. Rooney was your pre-adulthood jam; Rooney was your California dream; Rooney was your spirit animal. The Los Angeles-based band gave you the sun-kissed breather that had the stickiness of pop, but the zeal of rock that you spent listening for hours while typing on Messenger (remember that guys?). Then they fell out of your radar for four years or so and you eventually gravitated towards EDM. Some of us buried Rooney among all of our past rock bands, thinking they might have disbanded. A month ago, Rooney resuscitated with a new single “My Heart Beats 4 U” and it is the grand, teenage-endorphin packed sound that we all remember:

Usually when your school era bands come back their music lacks that youthful flair, but Rooney still exhibits the same zealous spirit with new foot-stomping hooks that invite you to march along their comeback. The single is from their upcoming record Washed Away, which will be released on May 6 and they have a few show dates coming up:

North America 2016 tour

5/3 – The Catalyst (Santa Cruz, CA, USA)

5/4 – The Independent (San Francisco, CA, USA)

5/6 – Teregram Ballroom (Los Angeles, CA, USA)

5/18 – The Middle East (Boston, MA, USA)

5/19 – The Foundry at The Fillmore (Philadelphia, PA, USA)

5/20 – Music Hall of Williamsburg (Brooklyn, NY, USA)

5/21 – Rock & Roll Hotel (Washington, DC, USA)

7/16 – Float Fest (Martindale, TX, USA)