Let KYOSi Guide You to Zany Electropop Sass With “Just Lines”

Follow the lines.

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 9.30.10 AM

Photo: Avtandil Chachibaia

NY-based singer, KYOSi, has been bopping around the hook-heavy popscape with her debut single “Early Riser” and now she’s notching up with a syncopating electropop track “Just Lines.” This time KYOSi has jettisoned from the semi-acoustic territory and has dived into the sea of brazen beats, where billowing processed beats cushion her vocals:

“Just Lines” exhibits an ebullient melody, but has a ground depth as you follow the introspective lyrical lines. “It’s about having questions with the way the world works, the irony that goes with loving and losing a friend or lover. Sometimes we try to stay parallel with people for history’s sake when really the best thing to do is drift. The whole world is made up of interconnected lines just bouncing from person to person.” – KYOSi

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