Get Your Ears Drunk With Bantug’s “Wine Beeline”

Indietronic infused with drunk endorphins.

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 2.49.44 PM

Photo: Mikaela Hamilton Photography


Nashville-based songstress, Bantug, captures the acme of drunk happiness in her track “Wine Beeline” – an indietronic ballad with throbbing percussions and tinkles that tilt between catchy pop and dreamy alternative. “Wine Beeline” keeps your endorphins drunk, cavorting in the syncopated melody until the last minute:

You won’t find much about her in Bantug’s Facebook (but still stalk her for new music), but we googled deliberately conducted a research and found out that Amanda Bantug is the mastermind behind Bantug. She shared the inspiration for the track on her Instagram:

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Photo: Bantug Instagram. Follow her @amandabantug. We’ve been in those parties…