Plug Your Ears Into Ex Dealer’s Cheerful Melancholic Rock

Argentinian rockers are back with their fourth album, Melancolia Club.

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Photo: Ex Dealer Facebook

There is an uplifting sense of gloominess that you recognize from 90s British rock in the fuzzy, dreamy soundscape of Argentinian group, Ex Dealer. Their fourth record, Melancolia Club, revolves around themes of nostalgia, sadness, reflection, and unrequited romance – yet, the cascading drums and throbbing percussions gives you an uplifting comfort of haziness. Check out Melancolia Club, which was released back in March:

Originally formed in 2011, Ex Dealer started playing in local bars before they debuted their first record Inicia (Starts) the following year. You can follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Bandcamp, and Instagram. As of now they have a gig coming up:

5/13 – Mamadera (Coquimbo, Argentina)