Calypso Pins Us With Sax & Synth Sass With “Numbered”

Rising Tasmanian electro singer debuts first single.

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Photo: Courtesy of Mammal Sounds

Tasmanian electronic songstress, Calypso, released her first single “Numbered” few days ago and it’s a permutation of dance music and disco that is not afraid to take a maximalist approach in incorporating 80s pop cadence, saxophone interludes amidst the racing electro arpeggios, and layered vocals – “Numbered” crams more than what you can luxuriate for three and a half minutes. That’s why you need to put it on repeat:

“Numbered” is the debut single of the rising artist Calypso, who is planning to release her upcoming four-track Untitled EP on June 22. Calypso stated that the ballad was about the “struggle between two people as their love for each other is coming to an end – the painful experience of wanting to keep somebody close, but knowing that you will eventually have to let go.” As sad as that experience is, this electro-banger will give you plenty of eargasms for you to get over the other party. And speaking of party, she has a gig coming up:

6/12 – Joe’s Garage – Dark Mofo (Fitzroy Victoria, Australia)


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