Cruise Through Milan’s Punk Rock Via Miles For Away

Contemporary Italian version of Sum 41 & Yellowcard.

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 12.25.50 PM

Photo: Miles For Away Facebook

Italian trio, Miles For Away, takes us back to the punk rock heydays of subliminal MTV ads, skateboarding all evening, and blasting Sum 41 CDs on the stereo. These three dudes exhibit the same mischievous zeal of our teenage days and distill the familiar rebellious tune into an optimistic, electric guitar-tight blast. Their melody panders to a pop tone, making them appealing to both rockers and lamemainstreamers alike. Check out their video “Sorry, I Did It Again”

Comprised of Matteo Verzicco (guitar/vocals), Nicolò Cassi (bass/vocals), and Gariele Marmondi (drums/vocals), Miles For Away formed back in 2014 and debuted their first EP All The Things We Took Away back in Feburary of this year. You can follow them on Facebook and BandCamp.