Finnish R&B Anni Takes Us Into Lush Layers With Her EP Redemption Street

Prepare for a rollercoaster of sonic emotions.

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Photo: Courtesy of Mission Control Management

Helsinki-based singer, Anni, takes R&B to unpredictable sonic paths in her EP Redemption Street, released back in April of this year. A ballad may start mellow only to snap you out with electro-fueled beats that makes each song and her entire EP throw you in a seismic emotional journey – her tendency to switch the ambience, add contemporary disco flair, and open up dreamy space all the while keeping the gist of classic R&B keeps you in your toes. You can enjoy the entire EP below:

The Nordic artist stated that the EP serves as “anthem to the future generation to be themselves and accept whatever imperfections and scars they might have in life. Once you choose to step into the path of authenticity, you walk through a mental pitch black where you are confronting everything about yourself you have been hiding and denying in order to fit in and be liked. You have to choose mercy and self-love. At the end of this dark journey, is the most awesome life you can imagine. For me, that journey was Redemption Street.”

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