TBT: Today’s Mission is to Re-Listen to The Sounds’ “Song With A Mission”

Swedish indie rock made in 99.

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Photo: The Sounds Facebook

You have one mission today: re-listen to The Sounds’ “Song With A Mission.” The Swedish indie rockers released the hum-inducing, post-punk ballad back in 2006 and it was what the emo-bounded Millennials were blasting at that time – re-live that youthful spirit again and shed away that inferno-burning skin called adulthood for three minutes:

The Sounds debuted their album Living in America back in 2002. The six-piece band released their latest record, Weekend, back in 2013 and have some tour dates coming up:

7/1 – Bravalla Festival (Norrköping, Sweden)

7/23 – Tammerfest (Tampere, Finland)

7/29 – Rock Off Festival (Mariehamn, Åland Islands)