Canary Islands’ “Hope’s Harbour” is Your Private Castaway Song

Your Swedish aloha song.

Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 2.52.46 PM

Photo: Canary Islands Facebook

There are moments in your life when you want to go island-hopping where all kinds of human interactions are replaced with solo piña colada time. But you can’t afford that. However, you can vicariously enjoy that castaway vacation-y moment with Canary Islands’ “Hope’s Harbour.” The Swedish group released the track few months ago and it feels like they’re sending us a carefree aloha via the chill-tempo cadence that sounds like the soundtrack of a beach scene during sunset. Lyrically, it falls in the pits of humming vagueness and rather than bothering you, this blurriness is what makes it effortlessly relaxing. “Just let it go” is the only chorus that sticks into your mind and it’s exactly what you need (and want) to do in “Hope’s Harbour”:

Formed in 2013, Canary Islands are based in Malmö, Sweden and released their first EP in the same year. They gained several blogosphere attention for their unusual EP format, “TR-EP”, which pretty much consists of three tracks grouped together in one – so you can’t easily skip among the three. Think of it as the digital version of vinyl format. As of now, they have no tour dates coming up, so follow them on Facebook for updates.