Fairchild’s “Neighbourhoods” is Your New Stripper Love Song

The disco version of the warning your mother gave you about strippers.

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Photo: Fairchild Facebook

Australian-made, Manchester-based (process their geography) Fairchild knows what it is to be in love with a stripper…or lusting for someone that you clearly know is in your momma’s blacklist. But wanting that individual is as good as this song gets; the 80s disco rock groove makes you want to drink and dance in the dancefloor until you’re wasted brave enough to climb up the pole and spiral to the wavey melody of the ballad:

Fairchild’s frontman has stated that “Neighbourhoods” is “a song about a stripper, but really it’s a story about lusting after something you shouldn’t.” This track is the same warning that you mother gave you growing up, but with a funkier and groovier twist. Fairchild is a six-piece act that started out in 2013 and has released three EPs so far, which lead them to playing in major festies and touring around the globe. They have show dates coming up:

5/25 – Barfly (Camden, UK)

5/27 – Dot to Dot (Manchester, UK)