Make Everything Alright With OYLS’ Disco Jazz Banger “Maps”

It’s alright.

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 2.29.51 PM

Photo: Courtesy of Mora May Agency

Experimental electro duo, OYLS, brings ingredients of jazz and pinch of soul flavor into the disco bowl (no pun intended) for their single “Maps.” The saxophone invasions during the peaking instrumental moments make the track a richly reinvigorating experience different from other synth soundscape. Listen below on repeat:

For an eccentric collaborative duo, it is not surprising that a track like this is born. Comprised of former corporate consultant David Kirshenbaum (a very business-card-fitting name) and former strip club DJ Michael Lipp (no comment), the two made a hodgepodge of music genres they grew up with in the contemporary digital arena bringing a refreshing breeze into our ears. OYLS has been growing a solid fanbase online, around the blogosphere, LA (where they reside, in case you want to physically stalk them), and MTV. So check them out on Facebook or Twitter, and if you happen to be in LA, see them live:

6/11 – El Cid (Los Angeles, CA, USA)