Jesiah is Your New Alternative Messiah

Two words: Play Babylon.

Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 4.02.58 PM

Photo: Jesiah Facebook

If you are solo, Jesiah’s “Babylon” is a semi-acoustic, alternative tune with magnetic ambiance that has a hotch-potch of thoughtless tranquility with a romantic narrative base. But if you have a significant other then 1) we hate you and 2) “Babylon” is a classier way to summarize all those combats you had with your relationship trolls. There is an endearing persistence between two lovers in the LA producer’s track that you can’t help but be awwww by it:

If you ever wondered how Jesiah nails to hook your ears to “Babylon” don’t be surprised – he’s pro at capturing your ADD attention span. His songwriting dexterity for Echosmith’s “Cool Kids” lead him to a platinum hit. So if you are in need of alternative/indie hit, check out Jesiah’s SoundCloud and Facebook.