Prepare For Fling Season With Ralph’s “Cold To The Touch”

Nothing like discoing your way through temporary mates.

Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 4.15.00 PM

Photo: Courtesy of Whiteboard

Flings are like walking into a field of booby traps; you never know when you’ll make the wrong step and shit will blow. But while you’re at it, just waltz you way through it with Ralph’s electro-disco banger “Cold To The Touch.” The ballad chants the emotional imbalance that rises from temporary mating we engage in during summer, but with a sticky pop dancefloor with 70s disco ball revolving on top. Enjoy the retro-glossed beats of “Cold To The Touch” and cry/eye-roll for your flingee:

Growing up, the Toronto-based singer, Ralph, listened to Bowie, Prince, and Temptations, becoming heavily influenced with disco-infused pop. She keeps the retro essence, but also manages to put her own flair by assembling contemporary synth elements that make the track refreshing. You can follow the gal on SoundCloud and Facebook.