Anna of The North Puts Laid Back Pop in Retro Dimension in “Baby”

You used to call me on my telephone.

Screen Shot 2016-05-29 at 4.15.55 PM

Photo: Anna of the North – Baby (Official Video) YouTube

Norwegian songstress Anna of the North takes us back to those telephone romance days when we all waited for the other end to call as we tangled the wires. Back in those retro days we just waited calmly with poise like Anna does in the video and filled our imaginations with moody conspiracies why the other end might not be calling. “Baby” seems to portray exactly how we felt during those long hours of waiting – it’s dim at times like our pessimism taking over and has steamy implications of emotions we had towards the other party. Hit play:

Anna of the North wrapped her European tour alongside Kygo back in April. No further tour dates have been announced yet.