If You Cried in the Car, The Raveonettes’ “Scout” is Your Cure Song

Glue back yourself together with “Scout.”

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Photo: The Raveonettes Facebook

Life is painful – you get dumped, you don’t get the job, and somehow it’s still acceptable for baristas to charge you extra for soymilk. If you’ve taken sanctuary in your car to cry (while munching those donuts), The Raveonettes’ “Scout” is your empathy/snap-out song of that moody funk state. The Danish duo gifted us “Scout” as part of their May’s RAVE-SOUND-OF-THE-MONTH (basically they drop a monthly single for us to dose). “Scout” is dark, but also an alarmingly uplifting ballad where the hoarse, smoky vocals of the duo remind you that “Please understand that you’re in command / Do it for me and do it for yourself come on.” So if you are hitting a rut or simply want dark shoegaze-y ambiance, “Scout” your way through:

Formed back in 2001, The Raveonettes debuted their first album Chain Gang of Love back in August 2003 and released their latest album Pe’ahi last July as a surprise. They are known for their 60s retro rock embedded in dense synthscape with edgy themes. No tour dates yet.