Feel the Electro-Soul Chills of Kiah Victoria’s “Cold War”

This song is about you vs. you.

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 6.29.11 PM

Photo: Courtesy of Whiteboard.

Admit it. We are consistently piling fuck-ups every day and we all eventually meet that quota when we are forced to confront everything we’ve accumulated so far – Kiah Victoria’s “Cold War” captures that inner self-struggle. The Maryland-made electro-soul/pop songstress just released the ballad today and it starts out in a posh, chill fashion that quickly build up to an existential burst with the chest-knocking chorus of Kiah. Whether this track makes you cry or chillax, you can’t deny the magnetism of Kiah’s vocal prowess that immediately devours you:

Kiah is currently working on her first EP. Get more updates from her Facebook.