r e l Soundtracked Modern Feminism in “Factory”

“What’s your brand? Who are you?”

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Photo: Courtesy of Mora May Agency

Feminism has been shaking the music community lately and r e l captures the ongoing movement in her track “Factory” – melodically, it settles in the minimalistic spectrum of pop. The thumping rhythms do not move as fast as the dense lyrics that chant what it is to be a modern feminist. This two contradictory speeds are parallel to what is happening with feminism right now – so much to say, yet so slow to spread. The track’s hooks are the lyrics and the simple melodic approach immediately invites you to get into the rhythm’s pace while fully investing what r e l has to say:

You probably know the LA-based songstress from her single “Plateau,” which lead to major shoutouts from the blogosphere world. She’s currently working on an album that might be released later on this year, so stay tuned!